About us

Aensō is a alternation of the Japanese word ensō - circle, which symbolizes absolute enlighten-
ment, strength, elegance, the universe. The Aensō is hand-drawn in one uninhibited brush-
stroke to express a moment when the mind is free and is characterised by a minimalism born

of Japanese aesthetics.
It is exactly what we have created with the Aensō line. It is created with a minimal design,

that embodies esthetics and symmetry, while the hand-drawn circle stands in direct con-
trast to that. The bottles and labels exhibit elegance and cleanliness.

The circles
Each product features a unique circle. None matches the other. An artist has created the drawings especially for the brand.

Each version of the circle was hand-drawn with original Japanese ink and brush, then scanned, vector traced and adjusted.
There is hundreds of individual, unique circles ready to be used for the Aensō product line.



All Aensō products are strictly engineered in-house by our chemical specialists. There is no single product in the line that would be bought from a third party. We
developed the formulations from scratch over the course of three years. Many of them are unconventional in their nature and outperform expectations, because
right from the start we focused on exceptional performance and product quality.

While a large part of the laboratory development was done in our labs in Japan, the manufacturing process is based in Central Europe. We have chosen this region for the local availability of high quality raw materials. For the Aensō manufacturing we only use the highest quality chemicals, sourced from leading European manufacturers like BASF or Evonik. By using materials of renowed manufacturers, we also ensure compliance with strict regulations around the world.

The clean and minimal design of the bottles completes the overall idea that is the driving force behind the development of the Aensō line. The strength, the elegance, the feeling when everything comes together just perfectly.

Unlike any other product on the market, the Aensō bottles set themselves apart by the slick, yet exceptionally functional design, which equips them with stability and safety in transport and elegance and
recognizability in sales.